Born and raised in Auckland till I was 10, my family moved to Magical Mangawhai Heads where I stayed for another 8 years. This was all I knew and had seen of the world until I met my future husband to be in Auckland and since the day that we met we have been inseparable. We moved to Napier and had 2 little children of our own and now work back and forth between Auckland and Hawkes Bay. Over the next few years we intend to embark on some new adventures which include, but are not limited to - travelling the world with our music and photography, attending as many weddings as we can in Hawkes Bay, Auckland, Waiheke, around NZ and the WORLD! Releasing some new albums, buying a house, having another little bundle of goodness and possibly start some dance classes together for a spot of fun. 

I'm super laid back, down to earth and LOVE laughing. I make new friends every wedding I attend and I also shed a few small tears behind the lens. Can't help it when I see people so happy and in love! 

After photographing weddings for 3 years, I've grown more and more fond of seeing all of the day come together into a beautiful album to remember all of the magical parts and even the little bits that you might not have noticed or for some crazy reason, you may have even forgot happening!

To all the future ladies and gents that I will have the pleasure of photographing.. I can't wait to add you to my new adventure list! 

Hayley Munro

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